Sky TV apologises for iSky 100m final blackout

Record-setting dash appears to overhelm the broadcaster's online channel. PLUS: Where to watch the replay.

Viewers of Sky TV's online iSky channel saw only a black screen during the men's 100m Olympic Games final.

"Sky is incredibly sorry for the disruption to the iSKY service this morning, no-one is more disappointed than the staff at Sky," a spokeswoman told NBR ONLINE yesterday.

"We are still working hard with third parties to uncover exactly where the issue was, we cannot confirm the root cause at this point in time."

iSky (, which can be viewed on a PC connected to a broadband internet connection, is delivered over a content delivery network (CDN) managed by Kordia division Orcon.

The race was won by Jamaican Usain Bolt in an Olympic record time.

Sky TV has been promoting that Olympics coverage from its free-to-channel Prime is "available to all New Zealanders" through (which usually requires a log-on, and is subscriber-only).

But today, the promo seemed a little too successful. The service appeared to have been overwhelmed.

The broadcaster also copped flak on its Facebook page, where it also apologised, and pointed people to a replay online here:

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