Southern tech company growing fast

Canterbury Scientific has been named one of the country's fastest frowing companies.

Christchurch-based biotechnology company, Canterbury Scientific, is one of the fastest growing companies in New Zealand.

Canterbury Scientific has been named in the Technology Investment Network’s annual ranking of top performing technology companies in New Zealand.

The company has grown its revenue by 56% to $4.2 million. It is ranked 165 on the list and tipped as one of the top 10 Hot Emerging Companies of 2011.

It is a privately owned medical device company founded in 1985 by directors Prof Robin Carrell, Bryce Hawkins and Dr Maurice Owen.

In February, the company opened a new $1.2 million facility in Christchurch with temperature and humidity control.

Canterbury Scientific develops quality controls for haematology and clinical biochemistry tests. It makes freeze-dried and ready-to-use liquid controls for haematology and biochemistry diagnostic tests used for monitoring blood tests and calibrating equipment In Vitro Diagnostic analysers.

One of the main applications is for monitoring blood tests in diabetic management.

The Technology Investment Network is a private company established by Greg Shanahan in 1999 to facilitate the growth of the technology sector in New Zealand. The company’s goal is to contribute to the New Zealand economy by supporting the growth of, large, sustainable, New Zealand based, global technology businesses.