State produces one of the ‘longest ads’ for tv roadblock

State Insurance is launches a new tv and radio campaign which features one of the longest shot commercials in New Zealand.

The campaign launches on tv this Sunday at 7.10pm with a roadblock on Channels 1,2,3 and 4.

The 90 second advert features characters who find themselves in a range of unfortunate situations, singing along to an adapted version of the 1980s song “Break My Stride.”

Cars crash and houses burn, but through the magic of technology, the ad is not as expensive as it looks.

“It was one day of rehearsal and one day of shooting,” State Insurance head of marketing and communication Michael Pryor told the National Business review.

“Credit to Nathan Price (of Colenso BBDO). They have pulled out an extremely effective ad. Some technical masters did some wonderful work for us and we are very pleased,” he said.

However, no houses were burnt, despite appearances.

“It was the magic of film,” he continues, saying the shoot used ‘flame bars.’

Mr Pryor said such tv advertising is very cost-effective and the quality of the advert will dwork effectively for for State.

Roadblocking, or showing adverts across channels, hasn’t been used for a couple of years, he believes, but is “particularly effective for (adverts of a) long duration,” he added.

Colenso BBDO managing director Nick Garrett said he expects the phonelines to be buzzing at State after people see the ad.

“It was a well produced piece of communication no more expensive than many New Zealand ads. It’s also a positive and optimistic look at the insurance industry creating an effective communication to put a smile on people’s faces,” he told the NBR.

The ad can also be seen on You Tube.

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