Pay rates seen rising in most sectors - survey

National Wage and Salary survey projects increases in pay rates in most industry sectors this year.

Employers are focusing on retaining key members of staff instead of actively scouting new employees in the workforce, the latest National Wage and Salary survey shows 

The survey now in its 18th year assesses pay rates across 215 job positions in 18 industry sectors around the country.

Average pay increases for staff already on the payroll was 3% whereas the average increase in pay rates including those recently hired averaged a fraction over 2%.

Pay rates for skilled and second-tier management roles went up just 1% and 1.4% respectively, with senior management roles rising 3% and finance roles 3.8%.

Surprisingly, pay rates for unskilled jobs have increased 56% over the past year, with the category usually listed as being the least likely to attain any form of average increase in pay.

“This year the variation between pay rate changes has been very pronounced. Pay increases appear now to be more aligned to the fortunes of a particular business than to an industry sector or particular set of skills,” says David Lowe, employment services manager for the Employers and Manufacturers Association.

“As for the last year and 2009, pay for a significant number of job positions fell in 2011, for 47 of the 215 positions compared to just three in 2008. Statistically some positions always go down but to have so many positions showing a decrease three years in a row shows any businesses are finding the going tough.”

Middle managers have been seeing less emphasis on salary increases and cars but have been emphasising the use of incentives much more in order to lift performance amongst employees.

In terms of sick leave, businesses have been seeing these instances taking place being lower than previous levels averaging 3.7 days, down from 5.3 days in the previous year. The recent law change requiring medical certificates seems to have created this change in mood.

“Employers are by and large forecasting that pay reviews next year will be about the same as this year,” adds Mr Lowe. 

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