Telecom media relations boss quits

Corporate relations head and executive team member to leave as Telecom completes the separation of Chorus on November 30.

Telecom's head of corporate relations Tina Symmans - known affectionally (NBR hopes) as "Princess Tina" by insiders - will leave the company's executive team on November 30 with the Chorus spin-off.

In a statement this afternoon, Telecom  said Ms Symmans, who joined Telecom as its PR boss in 2008, would remain a director of the charitable Telecom Foundation.

Ms Symmans was in charge of the company's relationships with government and media, plus internal communications and community relations.

She was leaving the company to "pursue new opportunities."

Telecom chief executive Paul Reynolds said a new role of corporate services director would be created to replace the role currently filled by Ms Symmans.

In the past few months, Telecom has shrunk the size of its executive team, moving its head of HR, head of Australian subsidiary AAPT roles from the group. The head of Telecom Wholesale (which will come under the spun-off Chorus) has also been removed from the executive team. A spokesman said he understood the person who filled the corporate servcies director role would sit on the the executive.

Dr Reynolds (himself due departing next year) said he expected the new role to be filled during the first half of the next calendar year.

Telecom shares [NZX:TEL] closed up 1.43% to $2.485.