Tindall Foundation website hacked by 'Team Muslim Cyberforce'

A group calling itself the Team Muslim Cyberforce has hacked the website of The Tindall Foundation, the philanthropic organisations set up by NBR Rich Lister Sir Stephen Tindall.

The website's usual content has been replaced by a barely-comprehensible but apparently pro-Muslim statement.

From information immediately available, the attack seems random.

The message left on the site (shown in full on the screen grab above right) is general in nature. Although not very comprehensible, it doesn't reference anything specific to Sir Stephen or his foundation.

The statement references Indonesia, but neither an assistant to Sir Stephen nor a spokeswoman for the Tindall Foudation were away of any investments Sir Stephen has in Indonesia, or anything he has said or done that could potentially rile Muslim extremists. The Rich Lister made his fortune through founding The Warehouse. His K1W1 fund invests in dozens of techs and biotechs, and is best-known recently for its stake in clean energy company LanzaTech (founded in Auckland and now based outside Chicago). Sir Stephen himself is still on holiday and couldn't be immediately reached for comment.

The Tindall Foundation Website is essentially a brochure site. It is not connected to the organisation's database, or any commercial or private information.

In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attack, a number of Islamic hacker groups defaced French websites; one was called the United Islamic Cyber Force, but the "Cyber Force" suffix seems to be shared across a number of hacker groups. An image on the hacked Tindall website was hosted iklanrayhan.com, a site that bears the text "Hacked by ./DeathBat6661."

The site's web developer is assessing the attack, which was first noticed this morning [UPDATE: the foundation's website was back online shortly after 2pm].


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