Tolley: State may need tougher line on contraception to certain families

State needs to act faster, minister says.

Appearing on TVOne’s Q+A programme, Social Development Minister Anne Tolley would not rule out more actively trying to limit or prevent births to families who have come to the attention of authorities.

She said although it would be a tough line for the state to take, the panel  looking at restructuring Child Youth and Families (CYF) may come back with strong recommendations along those lines.

“Well, we’ll wait and see what the panel report. I expect that they’ll be saying, ‘We should get much, much faster contraceptive advice in. We should be offering, you know, tubal ligations, all sorts of things and counselling those families’,” she said.

She said it was a huge step for the state to take – but that New Zealanders may need to have the conversation about such measures.

The minister is expecting to receive a final report from her advisory panel in December, with changes to CYF starting next year.

Watch the full interview here.

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