Top tweets about the Dotcom Internet Party’s alliances

This is the Twitter reaction (so far) to the latest revelations about Kim Dotcom forging electoral alliances between the Internet Party and others. As usual, the tweets below are in rough order of latest-through-to-oldest, and will be updated. 


Internet Party ‏@InternetPartyNZ 

Hello, we are the #InternetParty. Follow us for news and updates! #NZPol


Eric Crampton ‏@EricCrampton 

After brief optimism on rumours of an @InternetPartyNZ Mana merger, @ipredictnz prices dropped to an expected 0.65%. …


Trish Sherson ‏@TrishSherson 

@nzheraldnznews What would the marriage of #KimDotcom's #InternetParty & #Hone's#ManaParty look like? #Vogue #Kimne


La-mia ‏@LI_politico 

What's Kim Dotcom's position on the constitutional significance of Te Triti?


Barnaby Bennett ‏@mrbarnabyb 

Dotcom and Ahmed Zaoui should really start an immigration party and call it MegaZaoui...#internetparty


David Slack ‏@DavidSlack 

Actually you could merge Mana and the National party and make the the promise of jam for everyone tomorrow. Or, as the name says, Mañana.


Sue Bradford ‏@suebr 

Cheers for yr feedback, right, left & in between, re my comments on Mana/Dotcom ...sadly, the possibility rumbles on …


Steve Braunias ‏@SteveBraunias 

Ugh, got followed by @InternetPartyNZ and @grantrobertson1 in one morning! Election year, innit.

Toby Manhire ‏@toby_etc 

@SteveBraunias does this mean @grantrobertson1 is secret MP poised to lead the Internet Party alongside Hone and Hooton? No one has denied,

Grant Robertson ‏@grantrobertson1 

@toby_etc @SteveBraunias sounding more like Dr Seuss every day Hooten Hears a Hone.

Toby Manhire ‏@toby_etc 

@grantrobertson1 @SteveBraunias NON-DENIAL


Kim Dotcom ‏@KimDotcom 

Internet Party to-do: ✔ Start Internet freedom party ✔ Fundraising ✔ Assemble top team ✔ Form alliances ❒ Register ❒ Campaign ❒ Win 7.8%


Matt Nippert ‏@MattNippert 

Hasn't Mana learned from @PeterDunneMP that getting all Frankenstein and grafting together disparate parties only ends in tears?


Philip Matthews ‏@secondzeit 

Is Kim Dotcom right-wing? Serious question. That was Sue Bradford's claim earlier.

anoScottomatidae ‏@buzzandhum 

@secondzeit Small state libertarian, I'd say. Which makes him a strange match for Mana...

Matt Nippert ‏@MattNippert 

@jamescardno @secondzeit Old left-right scale is pretty crude, but seems to fit more with the idealist-libertarian wing of Act than Mana.

James Cardno ‏@jamescardno 

@buzzandhum @secondzeit To me, him and Hone share "I'll do that just because it will stir feathers, which I'll find funny" as common ground

anoScottomatidae ‏@buzzandhum 

@jamescardno @secondzeit I think it's more base than that: one has money, the other a political network, and both want what the other has.

James Cardno ‏@jamescardno 

@eelstweeters @buzzandhum @secondzeit But he made his fortune undermining corporations and the free-market economy, which is why it's clumsy


deborah coddington ‏@debcod 

Congrats to @suebr for politician with principles - you are an endangered species


Vernon Small ‏@VernonSmall 

Dotcom deal not manna from heavenfor Harawira …

Kate Chapman ‏@k8chap 

@VernonSmall ManaNet... haha, love it.That's one problem solved. Name? Tick. Policy agreement? #ohshit List ranking? #bugger


Steven Cowan ‏@StevenCowan 

Mana to cosy up to someone who lives in the biggest mansion in Auckland and professes to no left wing beliefs? Totally unprincipled.


Jessica Williams ‏@mizjwilliams 

Electoral Comm confirms any umbrella party for Mana/Internet Party will miss deadline for election broadcasting allocation @LIVENewsDesk

Jessica Williams ‏@mizjwilliams 

leaves question whether Mana or Internet Party cd use *their* allocation to push the deal. EC says too hypothetical. i think they don't know


Toby Manhire ‏@toby_etc 

Have either Matthew Hooton or Colin King ruled out standing for the Manaternet Party?#orhavetheynot #speculation #insiders


Jordan McCluskey ‏@JordanMcCluskey 

Just keep on splitting the left. Great work Kim Dotcom.


Felix Marwick ‏@felixmarwick 

Labour Leader @DavidCunliffeMP confident none of his MPs have been/are being headhunted by Internet party


Paora Ropata ‏@kiaora4that 

@MorganGodfery Bradford says Intenet Party is antithesis of Mana. Meanwhile Mana members want to know what the hell antithesis means anyway


CarrieStoddart-Smith ‏@Ellipsister 

So what about Minto & Sykes? Any public comments? 

Morgan Godfery ‏@MorganGodfery 

@Ellipsister They both hold formal party positions and I don't think they want to preempt the members. My guess is they're opposed.

CarrieStoddart-Smith ‏@Ellipsister 

@MorganGodfery I still don't get why Mana bothered with the press release saying no planned meetings, no exchanges re: possible merger etc


Reed Fleming ‏@reedfleming 

Annette Syke's facebook posts are ambiguous, but read as though she is, as Pres, open to the Mana-KDC merge. "debate this proposal openly"


Brent Edwards ‏@rnzgallerybrent 

Will Mana lose its mana on the Internet?


Jack McDonald ‏@tautokai 

So it seems like there are some in Mana who actually want to do a deal w/ Dotcom leading Sue Bradford to threaten her departure. How bizarre


Jordan McCluskey ‏@JordanMcCluskey 

I predict no problems between NZ's pseudo-communist, hard socialist party and a libertarian, free enterprise party. Nope. #ManaNetParty

Lliam Munro ‏@lrmunro 

@JordanMcCluskey Do the Internet Party have any libertarian policies other than opposing surveillance and Dotcom's extradition 

Jordan McCluskey ‏@JordanMcCluskey 

@lrmunro I imagine some of the Mana party activists I have meet will be unhappy with Hone selling out to an Internet millionaire.


Jordan McCluskey ‏@JordanMcCluskey 

Accelerating the revolution of the proletariat...with unlimited data caps #ManaNetParty


Jong Ki ‏@kingjohnkeyIII 

If The Mana Party is looking for a merger, Colin Craig has no convictions. Yet.


Jong Ki ‏@kingjohnkeyIII 

Hmm. Seems that Hone's idea of Mana is different to mine. I always thought Mana was earned, not bought.


Jessica Williams ‏@mizjwilliams 

.@suebr says she'll quit Mana if they do a deal with Dotcom. @LIVENewsDesk at 11.


Bryce Edwards ‏@bryce_edwards 

The key to the Mana.Dotcom is bottom-lines - e.g. Internet Party says it could work with Nats. That's surely a deal-breaker for Mana.


michael fletcher ‏@fletchermj 

not sure what to make of this web address: 


Morgan Godfery ‏@MorganGodfery 

Hone has been pushing for a merger for some time. First with the Maori Party, now it seems the Internet Party. Neither option makes sense.


Reed Fleming ‏@reedfleming 

It seems to me that a Mana-KDC merger would be akin to a Labour-Libertarianz merger, but with more money involved. Losing members inevitable


Morgan Godfery ‏@MorganGodfery 

Unless Mana was 1) never a socialist party and a Mana-Maori merger was the long game all along or 2) Mana needs money and KDC has it 


CarrieStoddart-Smith ‏@Ellipsister 

whats the diff (in outcome) between merger and umbrella? #InternetParty #ManaParty#rtpRT


Felix Marwick ‏@felixmarwick 

Mana Movement says there have been no merger discussions with the Internet Party.


Sue Bradford ‏@suebr 

To left friends, re proposed Mana/Dotcom alliance: there is no shortcut to building a genuine movement of the people. …


Brandon Wilcox ‏@evolvenz 

@vikram_nz the internet is for everyone. The #InternetParty should be too. Important it not be captured be either far left or right.

Vikram Kumar ‏@vikram_nz 

@evolvenz Brandon, #InternetParty will remain independent, strong. Alliances for common goals always possible


Nick Cross ‏@NW_Cross 

Maybe Hooton was half right and Shane Jones is jumping ship to the Internet Party #whynot


The Winstonian ‏@Slick_Winnie 

Ok ok, the truth is I was at the Dotcom mansion on business. I've managed to sell@asenatitaylormp to the Internet Party.


Keith Ng ‏@keith_ng 

Credit where credit is due: @asenatitaylor would make a hilarious addition to Internet Party ticket. Perhaps the best, comedy-wise.


Imperator Fish ‏@ImperatorFish 

Theory: there are no MPs planning to defect to the Internet Party. But hey, look, we're all talking about the Internet Party again.


The Ruminator ‏@RuminatorNZ 

What if it's the member for Helensville who's standing for the Internet Party? Now THAT would be a story.


CarrieStoddart-Smith ‏@Ellipsister 

Also, given Mana's press release this week, bit (lots) disingenuous if talks were actually taking place re: merger. #InternetParty #NZpol


CarrieStoddart-Smith ‏@Ellipsister 

my speculation: Williamson 4 #InternetParty - has lib'n roots, solid electorate, consid'd resigning 4 Mayor so maybe not that loyal to Nats…


Callum Valentine ‏@callumvalentine 

Excited and proud to announce my involvement with the #InternetParty - I’m managing the SM side of things. Going to be an exciting 6mnths.


Toby Manhire ‏@toby_etc 

Could the Internet Party, co-led by Hone Harawira and Matthew Hooton, hold the balance of power in September? #insiders #speculation


BK Drinkwater ‏@BKDrinkwater

fwiw Curran is by the most logical MP to jump ship to the internet party. Interested in the policy platform, going nowhere in current party.

The Egonomist ‏@TheEgonomist 

@BKDrinkwater she's already ruled it out. Why pick her over Horan, who it defiantly is?

BK Drinkwater ‏@BKDrinkwater

@TheEgonomist Ah. I did not know that. Why not Horan? No electorate.

The Egonomist ‏@TheEgonomist 

@BKDrinkwater the wording Dotcom gives is (deliberately?) ambiguous: We have an MP. We expect to merge w Mana. We will have electorate MP 

The Egonomist ‏@TheEgonomist  58m

@BKDrinkwater I interpret that as the MP they have now isn't electorate MP but in trademark KDC optimism he is counting Mana deal as done 

BK Drinkwater ‏@BKDrinkwater Protected Tweets 

@TheEgonomist Interesting. This interpretation works. Revising my views. 


BK Drinkwater ‏@BKDrinkwater Protected Tweets 

Of course, if it's Horan, we can expect the InternetParty to be talking a lot more about railway sleepers.


Philip Nannestad ‏@philipsophy 

Hey remember when everyone was like 'get rid of the MMP coat-tails' and the Tories were all 'we love coat-tails' lol #nzpol #dotcomromcom


Hekia P ‏@HardCoreHekia 

I can categorically state I will not be joining the Internet Party. Unless, of course, I join them, which I won't be.


Alex Coleman ‏@ShakingStick 

Weird thing about that kimdotcom nabbing an mp. They talked to the party leaders who all said 'nope not ours' (derp) but no talkie to Horan?


Danyl Mclauchlan ‏@danylmc 

Inside sources have told me Matthew Hooton will stand for the Internet Party #journalism

Matthew Hooton ‏@MatthewHootonNZ 

@danylmc that's a scurrilous lie without a shred of truth and we're not going to have our political strategy determined by some left-wing...


Philip Lyth ‏@philiplyth 

Logicians having great fun deconstructing @JonoMilne article, @KimDotcom claims, reactions, and biases/prejudices revealed.


Felix Marwick ‏@felixmarwick 

Mana + Internet Party makes for an interesting intersection between Maori nationalism/social justice and consumer capitalism


Philip Matthews ‏@secondzeit 

The Horan Internet Mana Party (HIMP) has a certain ring to it.


Mad Dog ‏@Dick_Prebble 

So some Bond villain is signing up a sitting MP for something called the internet party? Jesus politics has changed since my day.


Clare Curran ‏@clarecurranmp 

Just for the record people who know me know I am tribal Labour. It's in my bones. Ruling myself out. Fascinating though.


Matthew Hooton ‏@MatthewHootonNZ 

.@ipredictnz needs a "mana & Internet parties to merger" stock. Also "@hekiaparata to get sack".


Sam Huggard ‏@SamHuggard 

Surprised to see ex-Alliance mates working with DotCom. I understand the enrolled non-vote strategy, but its still an odd relationship to me


David Farrar ‏@dpfdpf 

@jamileeross @JudithCollinsMP @PeterDunneMP @winstonpeters @TrevorMallard@tauhenare Any of you defecting to Kim Dotcom party?

Peter Dunne ‏@PeterDunneMP 

@dpfdpf No


David Slack ‏@DavidSlack 

Expect to hear a lot more from the Internet Party about weather forecasting policy. Also the racing industry.


The Egonomist ‏@TheEgonomist 

Imagine if it's Banks #rtp


David Farrar ‏@dpfdpf 

So Kim Dotcom claims between one and four current MPs are joininng his party. Any MPs want to rule themselves out?


Imperator Fish ‏@ImperatorFish 

Kim Dotcom's boast will sound less impressive once we discover it's Brendan Horan.

Pete George ‏@PeteDGeorge 

@ImperatorFish If correct that would be one. @MPHoneHarawira is another (the only one confirmed). @nzherald says there could be two more.


Virginia McMillan ‏@vmcm1 

What a mix of quirky NZers in Internet Party, incl my former boss Jim Tucker! 


Matt Nippert ‏@MattNippert 

Did Dotcom do an interview here, or just sit a Rorschach test where he saw himself atop the Beehive in every blot? 


nzherald ‏@nzherald 

Kim Dotcom claims he has signed up 1 sitting MP to join his new party and is talking to 3 more: 


Graeme Edgeler ‏@GraemeEdgeler 

Think I probably need a new laptop given my new job as General Counsel for the Internet Party. Anyone got suggestions? PC.