Tough new conditions imposed ahead of Dotcom's bail hearing

The Crown suddenly wants Dotcom's bail revoked — but the reasons are suppressed. UPDATED

LATEST: Crown fails to jail Dotcom

A judge has imposed new bail conditions on Kim Dotcom ahead of a bail hearing to take place next week, Radio NZ is reporting. 

The state broadcaster says District Court Judge Nevin Dawson has decided the German enterpreneur must report daily to police and has banned the use of helicopters or boat or travel 80km from his home. 

This is ahead of a bail hearing to take place next Monday, which NBR ONLINE understands the judge cut short a holiday to make himself available for. 

The Crown is applying to have Dotcom's bail revoked. The accused pirate, money launderer and racketeer was held in Mt Eden Prison after the January 20, 2012 raid on his rented mansion before being granted bail on February 22, 2012.

All legal arguments for the bail hearing have been suppressed, including the accusation made by the Crown that lead to the harsher bail conditions being imposed ahead of Monday's hearing.

The courts have also allowed Simpson Grierson to stand down as lawyers on the record, and Paul Davison QC has also withdrawn. Neither Simpson Grierson nor Mr Davison has given a reason for the wanting to stop acting on the case. The extradition hearing has been deferred until June next year. 

It is not yet clear who Mr Dotcom's new lawyers will be. Mr Dotcom had a court date in the High Court at Auckland this morning in regard to a trust proceeding brought by his ex-wife Mona, but went unrepresented. 

As well as the extradition proceeding, Mr Dotcom is involved in a separate civil case which he brought against the Police and GCSB, and in another case he faces action against major Hollywood studios for copyright

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