Hamilton's first pyramid

The council has received nine submissions on a pyramid plan and is to set a hearing date shortly.

Hamilton already has a temple (Mormon) but it may also end up with a pyramid (Buddhist) on its outskirts if the Waikato District Council gives the green light to a resource consent application by Morrinsville dentist Rakesh Jogia.

The council has received nine submissions on the pyramid plan and is to set a hearing date shortly.

The 15-metre high pyramid would be part of a meditation centre with a 400-seat auditorium at the Horsham Downs site.

In his application, Mr Jogia says the purpose of the centre is to enable meditation classes and workshops and to provide a venue for non-profit, peaceful groups from the community to hold sessions / events, for example dance classes or yoga.

The facility may also be used for one-off, smaller events throughout the year. ”It is currently anticipated that the facility will hold five large spiritual events during the year which could attract up to 400 people, with one of these events extending over a 24 hour period.”

The application says pyramids provide high-energy environments for meditators and also faciliators’ healing properties. “Meditation done inside a pyramid is thrice more powerful.”

The meditation centre will have a main meditation space accessed through a level foyer and glazed pergola across a courtyard. The meditation space is enclosed in the form of a pyramid, with materials and finishes designed to enhance the mediation process and provide a peaceful environment. The centre includes a 400-seat auditorium, dining room and carpark, a circular garden and Buddha water feature. It will be screened from neighbours by a mature shelterbelt.

A council officials’ report notes that the top of the pyramid is above height restrictions for the area. It proposes a traffic and noise management plan if the application is accepted.

Hamilton City Council’s strategy and policy committee has opposed the pyramid with officials  arguing it is a non-rural use of rural land neighbours have also objected on noise and traffic grounds.

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