Union not a party in the making

The country’s newest union will never become a political party, says the New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union co-founder.

Jordan Williams, who co-founded the union with Kiwiblog’s David Farrar, said it was a bottom line of his involvement that the union wouldn’t become a political party - and if it ever became one, he would leave.

“David and I are determined that this is a politically independent organisation that will never become a political party.”

“We want to ensure that New Zealand taxpayers are getting value for money for the things that our politicians are spending money on.”


Both Mr Farrar and Mr Williams are members of the National Party, but Mr Williams said that wouldn’t affect the union’s independence.

“We will work with whoever is in opposition to expose Government waste and extravagance, and naturally a few senior members of the National Party raised their eyebrows at this.”

He said he and Mr Farrar had been inspired by the UK’s Taxpayers’ Alliance - not by the failings of the ACT party - and played down parallels between his own union and the US’  Tea Party.

“To be quite frank, the Tea Party have all sorts of wacky, far-right, conservative ideas.”

Mr Williams also dismissed the prospect of a political career.

“I’m only 27, I’ve got little interest in becoming an MP. And I think, at least while National’s in Government, that this sort of organisation won’t win me friends in National.”


Funds towards setting up the union came mostly from Mr Williams and Mr Farrar’s friends and colleagues, and no single contribution had been more than $15,000, he said.


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