UPDATED: Harawira wins right to Te Tai Tokerau recount — Davis responds

UPDATE: Electoral Commission officials will begin the recount of almost 23,000 votes in the Tai Tokerau electorate tomorrow.

The recount is expected to take three to five days.

EARLIER: Mana party leader Hone Harawira has requested a recount of the votes in the Te Tai Tokerau electorate.

Mr Harawira lost out to Labour's Kelvin Davis by a margin of 739 votes on the September 20 general election, having held the seat since 2005. 

It is understood that Mr Harawira has concerns about votes that were rejected.

Speaking to NBR ONLINE, Mr Davis says there would have been a number of votes that were not valid, which would have occurred to Labour also.

“This is a process he is entitled to take. We predicted that he would do this because his behaviour is pretty predicable,” Mr Davis says.

“Because he is allowed to do this we will have to let the process play out and we will see what happens come Saturday.”

NBR ONLINE asked Mr Davis if he is aware of any grounds for a recount that might worry him.

“There is no point in drawing on it. It will be what it will be,” Mr Davis replied.

“People handle loss and defeat in different ways. Some emerge with dignity and grace, and others don’t. He will have to deal with it as he sees fit. But, as I say, he is entitled to do this and we will just have to wait for the result on Saturday.”

It is understood that tomorrow is the deadline to file for a recount and the recount will be supervised by a judge. The Electoral Commission cannot return the writ until the Te Tai Tokerau recount has been completed.

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