Vector to deal with electric cars that hog charging spaces

A charging stations outside Vector's Auckland head office are being used as free car parks.

One will always spoil it for the rest.

The problem, in this case, is some owners of electric vehicles treat charging stations outside Vector's Auckland head office as free car parks.

Vector's HQ in Gillies Ave, on the edge of the Newmarket urban precinct, has extensive metered on-street parking that's in constant demand but the EV charging stations cost nothing to use.

"Unfortunately ... there are a small number of users occupying the EV charging spaces much longer than necessary," Vector told EVTalk, a publication monitoring developments in the fast-developing electric vehicle market, which is seeing a private sector-led roll-out of EV fast-charging stations the length of New Zealand, well ahead of EVs becoming a significant proportion of the national fleet.

"In some cases, the EV is parked in a charging space for extended periods and without using the charger," said Vector, warning that towing cars that stay for longer than an hour at a fast-charger may be an option and two hours' maximum parking at a standard charger.

More considerate EV drivers charges up for an average of 20 minutes and are on their way.


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