Where did earthquake-displaced residents go?

Quake residents flee to Auckland, districts.

Latest population growth figures suggest displaced Christchurch earthquake residents moved to adjacent districts but mostly to Auckland.

Selwyn District has attracted new residents to the dormitory town of Rolleston, although not all of them have come from Christchurch. Selwyn had the strongest district population growth at 2.9%.

New Zealand Institute of Economic Research economist Shamubeel Eaqub has written an opinion piece in which he postulates that higher skilled Christchurch residents have moved to Auckland.

Mr Eaqub relies on tax addresses which show 14,800 moved out of Canterbury during the year ending 2012 and 8209 moved into the region.

Inland Revenue data shows 3755 tax addresses transferred from Canterbury to Auckland.

Mr Eaqub warns that delays in rebuilding Christchurch will lead to more people moving to Auckland – pumping up real estate prices but also boosting economic growth.