Which shows are getting taxpayer money

Four drama shows get $20.3 million in funding.

New Zealand On Air has announced $24.6 million in funding for shows in the genres of drama, documentaries and arts and culture.

Local drama and dramatised documentaries will receive the bulk of cash ($20.3 million) and it will be distributed to four shows: Dirty Laundry, Westside 2, Bombshell  The Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior and Jean.

NZ On Air chief executive Jane Wrightson took the opportunity to address speculation the organisation will contribute funding to MediaWorks' new soap, which is expected to screen at 5:30pm on TV3, filling the void left by Home and Away two years ago.

“We acknowledge recent discussion about a new soap. We have not yet received a funding application for this: it may come to us for assessment in the coming months along with other projects in development and potential returning series."

Five documentaries will receive $2.77 million for new seasons: Lost & Found 2, Street Hospital 2, Shearing Gang 4, The Gloriavale Project 3 and Country Calendar. Country Calendar received $626,520 and has been running for 50 years. NZ on Air has been backing the series since 1991.

Six arts and culture shows will receive $1.61 million, including a modern version of the 1980s quiz show Mastermind.

Drama and dramatised documentaries

Dirty Laundry - $6.7 million
13 x 60 mins, Filthy Productions for TV One

Dirty Laundry centres on a middle-class family whose mother is jailed for money laundering - will they keep her business interests going to sustain their lifestyle? It is written and produced by some of our most experienced drama creatives, Rachel Lang, Gavin Strawhan and Stephen Zanoski.

Westside 2 – $7.6 million
10 x 60 mins, South Pacific Pictures for TV3

The second season of Westside, the prequel to Outrageous Fortune will treat audiences to 10 more episodes of Ted and Rita West's world.

Bombshell – The Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior – $2.9 million
1 x 2 hours, Screentime NZ for TV One

Bombshell tells the story of a nation-defining moment caused by a foreign government sanctioning a clumsy act of terrorism on our shores. Written by John Banas. Supported by NZ On Air's Platinum Fund.

Jean - $3.1 million
1 x 2 hours, Lippy Pictures for TV One

Jean will take viewers into the world of New Zealand aviatrix pioneer Jean Batten. Jean will be written and produced by Paula Boock and Donna Malane, makers of Field Punishment No. 1 and Tangiwai. Written by John Banas. Supported by NZ On Air's Platinum Fund.


Lost & Found 2 - $935,846
10 x 60 mins, Warner Brothers NZ for TV3

Lost & Found will return with a stronger emphasis on the impact on the extended families of the reunions it facilitates.

Street Hospital 2 $575,000
10 x  30 mins, The Gibson Group for TV2

A second season of Street Hospital on TV2 will follow New Zealand’s only central city hospital triage site located on Wellington’s Courtenay Place.

Country Calendar 2016 - $566,720
40 x 30 mins, TVNZ for TV One

Shearing Gang 4 - $462,450
10 x 30 mins, Great Southern Television for Prime

A fourth and final series of Shearing Gang, which screens on Prime, will give viewers fresh insight into rural New Zealand life.

The Gloriavale Project 3 - $170,000
1 x 60 mins, Pacific Screen Limited for TV2

The third and final documentary in the Gloriavale series has been supported, this time exploring what life is like for women inside this closed community.

Country Calendar 50th Anniversary Special - $59,800
1 x 60 mins, TVNZ for TV One

The one-hour programme will revisit rural families who have previously featured on the programme.

Arts and culture

Mastermind - $685,360
13 x 45mins, Warner Bros New Zealand for TV One

Brainiacs will be able to exercise their grey matter against the contestants in a revival of the quiz show Mastermind. The new series will add New Zealand knowledge questions to the challenges faced by the expert contestants.

Heritage Rescue - $484,039
8 x 30 mins, Top Shelf Productions for Choice

For history buffs Heritage Rescue will see a team of experts explore regional museums and heritage sites, helping them make their exhibits appealing and bring history alive. The programme, made by Top Shelf Productions, is the first funded by NZ On Air for the newest free-to-air channel, Choice, which has been on air since 2012.

The New Sound Of Country - $189,172
1 x 60 mins, Notable Pictures for Prime

Country music fans will enjoy a Prime Rocks special The New Sound Of Country. The one hour documentary looks at the new wave of country music sweeping New Zealand and the artists at its forefront, including Tami Neilson, Marlon Williams, Delaney Davidson and Barry Saunders

Vodafone NZ Music Awards - $166,000
1 x 2 hours, Mediaworks for TV3

NZ on Air says it continues celebrating the best in music, again supporting the live broadcast of The Vodafone NZ Music Awards 2015 to screen later this year on TV3.

Anzac 2016 Dawn Service - $77,450
1 x 2 hours, Māori Television for Māori Television

Ewen Gilmour Westie Legend - $19,180
1 x 60 mins, Mediaworks for TV3

Comedy fans will enjoy stories of the life and talent of beloved westie Ewen Gilmour, in a one hour special. Ewen Gilmour Westie Legend will feature the last stand up routine he performed the night before his death, along with archive footage and interviews with fellow comedians.

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