White House releases staff salaries – including Kiwi Chris Liddell's

PLUS: the skill that really pays in the Trump administration.
Chris Liddell is in charge of the Council for American Technology

The Trump administration has disclosed the salaries of 377 White House staff, including Kiwi expatriate Chris Liddell.

The filing confirms the former Carter Holt Harvey, GM and Microsoft CFO is not in it for the money: Mr Liddell's salary is $US30,000 a year. An earlier White House disclosure revealed his net worth was around the $NZ100 million mark

Nevertheless, the New Zealander has big responsibilities: Mr Liddell is listed as assistant to President Donald Trump for strategic initiatives. And in May, he was put in charge of the Council for American Technology, a group given the mission to drag the technology used by US government departments into the 21st century and make it secure. The council, chaired by Mr Liddell, includes President Trump, Vice-President Mike Pence and the secretaries of defence, commerce and homeland security among its members, along with the directors of national intelligence and the Office of Budget Management.

Others who have had their salaries revealed include high-profile secretary Sean Spicer ($US179,000) and his sidekick Sara Huckabee Sanders ($US165,000).

Chief-of-staff Rheinhold "Reince" Priebus is on $US179,000. Like Mr Spicer and Ms Huckabee, he's foregone a private sector salary as he's pursued a lifetime of government and DC-insider roles.

The filing also confirms that Mr Trump's daughter, Ivanka, and her husband, Jared Kushner, are working in the White House for no salary and that Mr Kusher's arch-rival, chief strategist Steven Bannon, earns $179,700, a snick ahead of the young pretender.

There's also proof that all those Executive Orders have created at least three jobs. White House chief calligrapher Patricia Blair pulls down $US102,000, and her two assistants $US91,000 and $US70,000 respectively.

See the full salary list here.

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