Williams not even last on NZ First list, Lole-Taylor demoted

Last week New Zealand First’s Andrew Williams publicly complained about being demoted from 3 to 13 on the party’s draft list. Now he doesn’t appear on it at all.

Mr Williams won't be standing for the East Coast Bays seat either.

The effective end of Mr Williams’ time as an NZ First MP after just one term comes a week after he blamed his lower list ranking on a conflict with deputy leader Tracey Martin.

Yesterday party leader Winston Peters termed Mr Williams’ public declarations about the selection process as a breach of confidentiality that he was “very concerned about”.

Current MP Asenati Lole-Taylor is still on the list but in 16th place she’s unlikely to be returned to parliament.

Ms Lole-Taylor has attracted negative publicity during the past few months, revealing her belief the Reserve Bank is “run by overseas bankers” and being caught up in a Department of Corrections investigation into the accessing of criminal records.

The full New Zealand First party list is as follows (note the return of former four-term MP and current Carterton mayor Ron Mark to the NZ First fray):

1 Winston Peters

2 Tracey Martin

3 Richard Prosser

4 Fletcher Tabuteau

5 Barbara Stewart

6 Clayton Mitchell

7 Denis O’Rourke

8 Pita Paraone

9 Ron Mark

10 Darroch Ball

11 Mahesh Bindra

12 Ria Bond

13 Mataroa Paroro

14 Romuald Rudzki

15 Jon Reeves

16 Asenati Lole- Taylor

17 Brent Catchpole

18 George Abraham

19 Ray Dolman

20 Hugh Barr

21 Anne Degia Pala

22 Steve Campbell

23 Edwin Perry

24 Bill Gudgeon

25 Brent Pierson

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