Yealands wine a standout in NZ sustainable business

The results are in for the National Sustainable Business Network Award.

Yealands Family Wines leads the pack of National Sustainable Business Network Award nominations in four separate categories. 

Others including Foodstuffs NZ, Ecostore and Lion are all up for awards for their contributions to transforming New Zealand’s business landscape. 

Sustainable Business Network chief executive Rachel Brown says many New Zealand companies are playing large roles in creating a sustainable country.

“Over the past year we have noted a couple of shifts in the New Zealand sustainable business landscape: the recognition that system change requires cross-sector collaboration as it can’t take place alone, and the growth of a number of incredibly inspiring purpose-led innovations that are showing enormous potential.

All Good Organics co-owner and head judge Chris Morrison says organisations have listened to what our communities need.

“They are creating much more positively impactful products or services as a result.

“I was particularly impressed by the number of purpose-led organisations and the impact they will have in shaping our future for the better. It’s a strategic shift that is great to see.” 

There are awards for Communicating Sustainability, a Sustainability Champion and Energy Management.

The supreme award, NZI Greatest Contribution to a Sustainable New Zealand, will be awarded to an organisation that has performed outstandingly well in all aspects of sustainability

The finalists for the 2014 NZI National Sustainable Business Network Awards are:

Sustainability Champion Award

  • Alison Dewes, Headlands
  • Julia Milne, The Common Unity Project Aotearoa
  • Kyle and Helen Burnett, Foodstuffs NZ
  • Malcolm Rands, Ecostore
  • Peter Yealands, Yealands Family Wines

Communicating Sustainability Award

  • Generation Zero
  • Splore Dynamics Ltd
  • Sustainable Coastlines Charitable Trust
  • Yealands Family Wines (Raise a Glass Campaign)

Community Impact Award

  • AgriSea NZ Seaweed Ltd
  • Headlands
  • Sustainable Coastlines Charitable Trust

Community Innovation Award

  • PowerSmart Solar
  • SHAC | Sustainable Habitat Construction
  • Wellington City Council
  • Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre

Mega Efficiency Impact Award

  • Econergy Limited
  • Lion
  • Splore Dynamics
  • Sundaise Festival
  • Wellington Drive Technologies

Mega Efficiency Innovation Award

  • Eecostore Company
  • Flight Plastics
  • MSA NZ
  • Vicus Design Group
  • YourDrive

Renewables Impact Award

  • Powerhouse Wind
  • PowerSmart Solar
  • Sunergise International

Renewables Innovation Award

  • Econergy
  • Greenstage Power
  • MSA NZ
  • Powerhouse Wind
  • PowerSmart Solar
  • Sunergise International
  • Wellington City Council
  • What Power Crisis

Restorative Impact Award

  • AgriSea NZ Seaweed
  • Yealands Family Wines

Restorative Innovation Award

  • Dyneema
  • Yealands Family Wines

Energy Management Award

  • AMP Capital Properties – Bayfair
  • Foodstuffs
  • Lion
  • MSA

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