ASK ME ANYTHING: NZ Super Fund CEO Adrian Orr

The man of investing our Super Fund billions will field NBR reader questions, 2pm - 3pm today. Leave a question now.

The man in charge of the government's $22.7 billion Superannuation Fund, and where it invests, will field NBR reader questions, 2pm - 3pm today (Wed Sept 4). Leave a question now.

The Super Fund was established in 2003, with the government throwing $2.4 billion into the pot.

Since then it has grown at a rapid clip, investing in companies as varied as Datacom and Z Enegery along the way.

It's also faced controversies surrounding ethical investment, how much to plough into local investments, the politics of selling North Island forests to offshore investors, and suspended Crown contributions.

Super Fund CEO Andrian Orr answered readers' questions on September 4. Scroll down to see his replies.

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