Adam Feeley

Lachie McLeod

McLeod calls full time on a hellish chapter

Fri 26 Feb

If former Serious Fraud office chief executive Adam Feeley saw former South Canterbury Finance chief executive Lachie McLeod walking down the street toward him he might consider evasive action.

Adam Feeley

Feeley quits Queenstown council

Mon 23 Nov 2

Adam Feeley says he wants more personal time with family.

Adam Feeley

Auditor General completes Feeley probe

Fri 16 Oct

Auditor General has cleared Queenstown Lakes District Council chief executive Adam Feeley of conflicts of interest.

Queenstown Lakes District Council chief executive Adam Feeley

Auditor-General probes Feeley's Queenstown dealings

Fri 29 May

Auditor General was "comfortable" about earlier disclosure.

Adam Feeley

Auditor-General probes former SFO boss Feeley's housing accord

Fri 29 May 1

The requests raise "issues of trust and confidence" in council processes and issues about how council officers participate in these processes, the audit office says.

Ironically, John Key uses the same argument deployed by Nicky Hager to justify releasing Whaleoil's private correspondence: public interest

PM re-writing history — Slater

Sun 23 Nov 16

Whaleoil blogger unimpressed by apology letter from Key over the release of his "gunning for Feeley email".


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