The Essential Phone

Android creator launches his own phone

Wed 31 May 3

The man behind two of the most successful startups in recent history is at it again. The Essential is open for pre-orders.

Look ma, no ads

Samsung joins Apple in mobile ad blocking

Tue 2 Feb 4

The scurge of publishers on the desktop arrives for Android mobiles.

Google Nexus 6P

Toy box: Google Nexus 6P

Fri 11 Dec

For Android users, the level of operating system customisation made by the various phone makers can be either positive or a big fat negative depending on your preference

Hip to be square? The BlackBerry Passport

BlackBerry pins comeback hopes on square phone

Fri 26 Sep

New BlackBerry runs Android apps.

One of VentureBeat's photos of what it says is Samsung's coming smartwatch

Alleged pictures of Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch emerge

Mon 2 Sep

Samsung is set to launch its Galaxy Gear smartwatch on September 4 | Google buys smartwatch maker.


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