Rod Oram

Oram urges merger-minded media companies to guard against complacency

Wed 24 Aug

Veteran business journalist's unsolicited advice on mitigating NZME-Fairfax NZ merger downsides – and his punt on whether it will be approved. With special feature audio and video.

Fairfax exploits Canterbury market share to shut out local paper, Chch Star says

Thu 21 Jul 2

Star Media says Fairfax is dominant in Canterbury and uses that position to undercut its competitor. With special feature audio.

Sky TV CEO John Fellet (Photo: Tinaz Karbhari)

Fairfax/NZME deal may delay ComCom's Sky/Voda decision, Fellet says

Wed 6 Jul

The pay-TV company is expecting it will take at least six months to get Commerce Commission approval for its merger. With special feature audio.

Rod Oram: "The merged entity would be stuck in the same doom-loop"

Fairfax business writer says Fairfax-NZME merger fails simple test

Wed 6 Jul 9

Rod lets rip. Horton wants NZ Herald or suburban newspapers spun-off as a condition of merger. ODT frets it could get frozen out of ad, newswire networks. With special feature audio: Rod Oram savages deal.


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