Movac partner and NBR Rich Lister Phil McCaw's fund has since announced a $7m investment in Timely.

OIO decision reveals Apple paid more than $100m for NZ's PowerbyProxi

Thu 30 Nov 2

Major shareholder Movac immediately gives back with a $7 million local investment.

IDC NZ market analyst Chayse Gorton says "There hasn’t been a phone in the New Zealand market that’s this expensive"

Apple and Samsung neck and neck in NZ premium smartphone market

Thu 9 Nov

A sneak peek at preliminary third-quarter numbers shows some interesting trends. PLUS: GfK stats track the emerging 'super premium' market.

Gradient Investments portfolio manager Jeremy Bryan said per-share earnings of the S&P 500 earnings is "a deceleration from what we've had"

While you were sleeping: Apple hits new high as Wall Street is steady

Thu 9 Nov

Updated: Apple shares rise 0.8% to become the first US company to reach $US900 billion in value.

The iPhone X: Apple says it should be pronounced "iPhone ten," though in popular usage it's being called the "X"

Do you need Apple's $2100 iPhone X?


As the super-premium handset goes on sale, a quickfire review of reviews.

Punakaiki Fund director Lance Wiggs: "There’s no path to IPO anymore, it seems. So there’s only one option if they want to get a cheque"

PowerbyProxi sale reanimates debate over offshore takeovers

Tue 31 Oct 5

PLUS: Robertson offers early clues about where-to-from-here for Callaghan Innovation.

Media consultant Michael J Wolf says the internet giants are all fighting for people's time

Six trends that will change the future of media

Mon 30 Oct

Editor's Insight: US media expert Michael J Wolf outlines who is making the running and where.


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