Toy box: Apple Watch 2

Fri 21 Oct

For a company that makes a big deal out of simplicity, Apple has dished out a bewildering lineup of watch combinations to tempt the ever-faithful iOS brigade.

BLACK TO THE FUTURE: After tanking in the phone market, BlackBerry is making a strong comeback with software for managing an organisation’s iPhone and Androids, and securely sharing documents. This week it said it had signed up the Parliamentary Service as its latest local customer

Blackberry is back (don’t laugh)

Fri 21 Oct

As a technology journalist, my main memory of President Barack Obama’s January 2009 inauguration was the presentation of his “BarackBerry” – a BlackBerry with souped-up security.

The Moxie Sessions: iPhone fought the law (and the law didn’t win)


OPINION: Global services such as Facebook’s Aquila drones all point towards a use-by date for local regulations about connecting to international networks. 

Easy technology, tricky commercial politics

Apple Pay launches in NZ: why only ANZ’s onboard

Thu 13 Oct 4

Other major banks at war with Apple on two fronts. UPDATED

Anthony Harper partner Michael Moyes

Apple’s reputation trumps Swatch in ‘i POP’ trade mark dispute

Fri 7 Oct

Trade marks commissioner says ‘i POP’ and ‘iPod’ are similar enough to “tie the brands together and spark a connection.”

Apple’s latest gear: hot or not?

Fri 23 Sep

Spring is when Apple refreshes its iPhone and often other major products.


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