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Auckland councillor Greg Sayers says “The pendulum has swung too far and a gross imbalance has appeared”

‘Time to stop siphoning rural ratepayers’ – Greg Sayers

Fri 18 Aug 12

“It is calculated exploitation and a secret nobody ever talks about,” says Greg Sayers.

JUSTICE WHATA: Ruled there was an error in law in both cases

Wins for developers against Unitary Plan rules

Fri 4 Aug

A triumph of for Kiwi Property and Samson Corporation.

Northern Action Group chairman Bill Townson has confidence that Simon Lusk will act “professionally” for the lobby group.

Simon Lusk the hired gun to push north Rodney campaign

Thu 13 Jul 1

Who is the well-known local businessman paying for Mr Lusk’s services?

"I’m sure the government doesn’t think the Housing Infrastructure Fund or any other arrangement they make for Auckland can just be a one-off", says Auckland Mayor Phil Goff (photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

Goff talks up more government infrastructure funding for Auckland

Wed 12 Jul 21

Phil Goff says Auckland can expect another announcement from the government in the next few weeks.

PHIL GOFF: The Auckland mayor is annoyed by the government land grab (photo: Anthony Beinart-Smollen)

Reserve land snatched despite howls of protest from council

Fri 7 Jul

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff and Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Local Board chairwoman Josephine Bartley are angry the government rode roughshod over statutory powers to snatch 11.7ha of Pt England reserve land for a Treaty settlement with Ngāti Pāoa.

Greens plot plan for a fast-tracked light rail in Auckland

Wed 5 Jul 41

But the government has scoffed at the idea, with Transport Minister Simon Bridges saying the idea is “a bit rich coming from the Greens.”


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