Barry Colman

Barry Colman

Barry's bonza birthday bang

Fri 7 Dec
Vive Aramoana: Painting by Ralph Hotere fetches $183,000 at auction

Barry Colman’s Hotere collection sells for $250,000

Fri 23 Nov 5

Flagship piece, Vive Aramoana (pictured), sells for $183,000.

Gary Langsford (left) and French artist Bernar Venet at the Palace of Versailles

Art market back with a vengeance


“Wealthy people don’t want to put their money into property or the sharemarket or finance companies. They’re seeing art as a very strong asset class.”  – Auckland gallery director Gary Langsford 

Vive Aramoana

Barry Colman's notable Hoteres under the hammer

Wed 24 Oct

Pieces for next month's auction include Vive Aramoana, which fetched a record price in 2002.

St Heliers houses to be demolished

Wed 26 Jan 79

A row of St Heliers properties at the centre of a legal battle are about to meet the Grim Reaper.

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