Bill English

National Party leader Bill English addresses media before heading into a caucus meeting this morning (photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

Winston says he's inching closer to a decision

Thu 19 Oct 19

POST LUNCH UPDATE: Winston Peters says he's reviewing the final information before making a decision on coalition partners. 

Goodman Property Trust chief executive John Dakin says because of such high demand for accommodation in Auckland, his company is doubling the size of its Quest hotel in Auckland’s Highbrook from 60 to 120 rooms

NZ’s tourism dilemma

Mon 16 Oct

Investing in Property: The accommodation sector is struggling to keep up with holidaymaker demand.

National Party leader Bill English says his party exchanged letters with New Zealand First over the weekend

Kiwi holds gains after softer US inflation

Mon 16 Oct

Federal Reserve chairwoman Janet Yellen says her "best guess" is a strengthening labour market would mean inflation would move higher next year.

The joker in the pack as kingmaker

Brian Edwards: Is this democracy?

Thu 12 Oct 18

How many brain cells to you have to lose in order to regard MMP as a workable and satisfactory form of democracy?

Winston Peters says a decision would be made as soon as possible after the talks end Thursday (photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

Waiting for Winston: Big parties could still walk away

Wed 11 Oct 14

UPDATE: Winston Peters says "huge progress" is being made in the coalition talks.

Under Bill English, National gained more percentage of the party vote than in 2008 (photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

Who likes MMP now?


For those of us who think elections should be about policy, not politics, MMP presents a special kind of purgatory.


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