Bill English

United Future leader Peter Dunne was 14 percentage points behind Labour's Greg O'Connor in a recent Colmar Brunton poll

Poll result: Should English stand down National’s Ohariu candidate?

Thu 17 Aug 9

After a worrying poll result for Peter Dunne, would it be best for National to pull Brett Hudson from the electorate’s ballot?

Like Bill English, Angela Merkel has a comfortable 15-point polling lead over her closest challenger

Germany and NZ: Doppelgänger elections pit status quo against change

Wed 16 Aug

Editor's Insight: A strong swing for change could prevent both governments from getting a fourth term.

Prime Minister Bill English he has said to bank officials that he would be “expecting them to be thinking through what the conditions could be”

Government sees no need for debt-to-income restrictions

Tue 15 Aug 6

He says the Reserve Bank ultimately makes the decisions about adding or removing any restrictions according to its view of financial stability.

Bill English says 'boot camps' will be tied to social investment programme (photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

'Boot camps' not quite what they seem

Tue 15 Aug 15

To all those criminologists and human rights types who got indignant: Well done. I'm sure Steven Joyce appreciates your contribution to the cause.

Prime Minister Bill English thinks "a royalty implies ownership" (photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

Labour's water charging policy 'reckless', says English

Tue 15 Aug 27

Bill English thinks "Labour has just bumbled into it."

Jacinda Ardern at a pay equity rally in Auckland

Poll shock for government in Ohariu

Sun 13 Aug 37

On the weekend campaign trail: National's bootcamp, English pushes electric vehicles, Ardern wants pay equity, Shaw talks up TOP, announces new slogan.


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