Bill English

Prime Minister Bill English (RNZ)

Drugs, skills, and immigration: National's difficult balancing act

Tue 28 Feb 11

This is the current difficulty for Mr English: economically,  the pressures are for more immigration;  politically the pressures are for less immigration.

Bill English

Bill English: Drug abuse preventing young Kiwis from working

Mon 27 Feb 42

The prime minister says business owners are telling him it’s difficult to hire young Kiwis because many can’t pass a drug test.

Bill English and Paula Bennett

Bennett mum on state services CEO pay shake-up

Mon 27 Feb 2

Ms Bennett did not directly answer whether the government is considering stripping Crown entity boards of their power to set chief executive’s wages

Private Bin: Paintergate Trumped

Fri 24 Feb

Heading off to the Mt Albert by-election this Saturday, Labour candidate Jacinda Ardern put up, at a fundraising auction, an artwork involving the electorate's most famous former MP, Helen Clark, mounted on a representation of the kiwi with a laser eye that somebody submitted as a flag design for last year's referendum, facing down US president Donald Trump, mounted on a dinosaur.

Order Paper: The politics of protest vs the politics of government

Fri 24 Feb

Labour/Green MPs seem more comfortable as well paid, posturing overgrown student politicians than as a prospective government. Do they really want to be in power, or is it all a bit of a game?

New Zealand Super Fund chairwoman Catherine Savage

The PM can say whatever he wants – NZ Super Fund chairwoman

Tue 21 Feb 21

PLUS: Reader poll result - did Super Fund boss deserve his 23% raise?


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