Bill English

NZ POLITICS DAILY: Three 'solutions' to get young people voting

Wed 24 May

Young people are much less likely to vote than older people, so how can we get younger voters to engage? Or does it even matter?

‘Dumb’, ‘nuts’, ‘barmy’ – English and Twyford trade blows on housing development bill

Wed 24 May 7

Both major parties lobbied hard this week before the bill went to the House last night for its second reading.

Prime Minister Bill English is confident his party won’t repeat the embarrassing mistakes of last year’s budget

Budget lock-up blunder not to be repeated, PM and Treasury assure

Tue 23 May 3

Last year a National Party staff member posted a photo of journalists in the lock-up to Facebook before the embargo had lifted.

Prime Minister Bill English

English tight-lipped on further budget details

Mon 22 May 17

But the prime minister did admit he was looking forward to “sitting down during the long budget speech for the first time in nine years.”

Immigration watchdog says unemployed Kiwis failing to step up in jobs market

Mon 22 May 14

NZAMI is critical of the government’s proposed immigration changes as it does not think Kiwis can fill the void.

NZ POLITICS DAILY: New Zealand’s democracy and its discontent

Fri 19 May 9

 Can New Zealand's low voter turnout be solved? Or is there a deeper problem with our democracy?


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