WEstpac senior markets strategist Imre Speizer said any increased issuance would likely steepen the curve

Bond investors put little risk premium on election

Fri 1 Sep

New Zealand 10-year government bonds, which have a coupon of 4.5%, are yielding 2.895%.

(Photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

ANZ Bank New Zealand wants at least $100m in five-year bond offer

Tue 22 Aug 7

The Auckland-based unit has opened an offer to sell unsecured, unsubordinated fixed rate bonds maturing on September 1, 2022.

Heartland Bank to offer up to $150 million in five-year bonds

Mon 21 Aug

The offer will open August 30 and close September 18.

Reserve Bank deputy governor Grant Spencer is doing a Pontius Pilate impression

Gobsmacked at Reserve Bank’s cavalier treatment of Kiwibank

Mon 21 Aug 8

Shoeshine: Strange behaviour by the Reserve Bank.

Kiwibank chief executive Paul Brock says the $247m's purpose is yet to be decided

Reserve Bank changes its mind on Kiwibank bonds

Thu 10 Aug

Kiwibank said that the RBNZ has issued a non-objection letter about the bonds after the lender made changes to address the central bank's concerns.

BNZ head of debt capital markets Mike Faville said "this bond is a critical step"

IFC launches $100 million Green Kauri bond in New Zealand

Thu 27 Jul

The 10-year fixed rate bond will be issued under the IFC's global medium-term note program.


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