Hunter’s Corner: The Aussies are better at failure than us

Fri 16 Sep

Mandatory public examinations across the Ditch are revealing some important lessons from corporate collapse.

STEPPING DOWN: 31,500 people retired and the number of employed rose 1.3%

Job market boom – even the drop in participation could have upside

Fri 5 Feb

Like a bolt from the summer blue, the latest job market figures have surprised even the economic optimists.


Francis Cooke QC

UPDATE: Parole Board shouldn't have relied on Petricevic-paid psychologist report, court hears

Fri 4 Sep 2

Petricevic's parole release being fought through the High Court. 


NBR reporter Hamish McNicol discusses the latest court stories on NBR Radio and on demand on MyNBR Radio.

Rod Petricevic (TV3)

Petricevic's parole a 'great story'

Fri 4 Sep 8

The Sensible Sentencing Trust is appealing Rod Petricevic's 'highly dubious' parole but an expert says counselling can only get you so far.


Hamish McNicol talks about Rod Petricevic in this week's edition of Court Report on NBR Radio and on demand on MyNBR Radio.

Rod Petricevic (TV3)

Should Petricevic have been granted parole?

Thu 27 Aug 3

If NBR readers were the Parole Board...

Rob Roest

What readers think about Bridgecorp’s Roest getting parole

Fri 10 Apr

Roest out after serving half his sentence.


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