National leader Simon Bridges: so far struggling to make an impact in the preferred PM rankings

Bridges clocks lowest Newshub-Reid poll rating of any National leader for a decade

Sun 27 May 27

Mixed news for both major parties in post-Budget poll.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says the marijuana referendum will be non-binding

NZ governments have a proud history of ignoring referenda results

Thu 24 May 7

Something to bear in mind before anyone gets too excited about the legalise cannabis referendum.

Privacy Commissioner John Edwards: Already had review under way

Curran orders audit of algorithms, review of games industry

Wed 23 May 10

Move comes as Friday deadline looms for new EU data protection law.

British shadow finance minister John McDonnell says consumer capitalism "only offers the illusion of control.”

Labour’s (so far secret) plan to transform the economy

Tue 22 May 12

Opinion: Changes to monetary policy and fiscal policy are only the beginning of structural reforms to come.

Australian Treasurer Scott Morrison says he has restrained spending more than any government in 50 years

Winners and losers in the Australian budget

Wed 9 May 9

Treasurer Scott Morrison has delivered on a widely predicted pledge to return the government accounts to a surplus a year earlier than expected.

Jerry Taylor

Liars and Fools: Climate change deniers


It’s hard not to argue that these professional deniers deliberately lie to get more airtime.


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