Latest poll shows Maori Party still a potent force in Election 2017

Mon 27 Mar 2

The Colmar Brunton/TVNZ poll comes exactly 10 years since the last poll that showed Labour in front of the other parties. It shows how far Labour has slipped that a 30% result can be regarded as not bad. 

With his travel ban blocked and his healthcare legislation pulled, Trump's presidency is off to a frustrating start

Trump's first attempt at legislation fails as Republicans pull healthcare bill

Sat 25 Mar 17

A classic illustration that whatever your system of government — first-past-the-post or MMP — you can't escape faction fighting.

Did National back the wrong deal to get RMA reforms passed?

Fri 24 Mar 3

ACT and United Future's conditional deal preferred over Maori Party deal for RMA reform, NBR poll finds.

Weekly Hit: ‘Palmer clause’ hedges Labour for poll collapse


Despite Jacinda Ardern’s polling success, Andrew Little remains safe as Labour leader for at least the next three months

Labour-Green joint fiscal framework is all about how it looks to voters

Fri 24 Mar 7

If the two economic policymakers can continue to appear on the same platform and continue to project the same sort of ability to work together, that sends a powerful political signal.

RMA reform's latest rushed zigzag shows National's election priorities

Fri 24 Mar 3

But for now, it looks like another rushed and slapdash patch up job on what has been a long and ill-starred process.


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