Genter and Ardern in the NBR Radio studio (Chris Keall)

Ardern cruises to Mt Albert victory, bringing Huo into Parliament

Sat 25 Feb 3

Gareth Morgan's TOP struggles.

Labour's Mt Albert candidate Jacinda Ardern

Mt Albert by-election: Barring a solid tactical vote, Ardern looks home and hosed

Fri 24 Feb 4

If Labour cannot hold Mt Albert – one of its safest seats – with one of its most popular MPs, then it would have to be all over for the party as a major political force.

Judith Collins big tax break

Fri 24 Feb

"Yes!" Judith Collins punched the air when she was sworn in as revenue minister in December.

Order Paper: The politics of protest vs the politics of government

Fri 24 Feb

Labour/Green MPs seem more comfortable as well paid, posturing overgrown student politicians than as a prospective government. Do they really want to be in power, or is it all a bit of a game?

ANDREW LITTLE: Declared the Maori Party was hopeless, had achieved nothing for its people and was not ‘kaupapa Maori’

Weekly Hit: Racism lies behind Little’s kaupapa Maori attack

Fri 24 Feb

The Labour leader’s premeditated assault on Maori leaders was cynical politics but also reflects Labour’s colonialist attitudes.

Former senior Treasury analyst turned would-be politician Geoff Simmons

Another by-election candidate suggests new housing opportunities

Thu 23 Feb 7

The Opportunities Party Mt Albert by-election candidate Geoff Simmons says it’s worth considering the MAGS farm and MOTAT land for more housing.


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