As Paula Bennett might say: Zip it, sweetie

Memo to Bill: zip it

Sun 25 Jun 10

For reasons best known to himself, the PM is constantly introducing new Barclay tape theories.

Former UK Prime Minister David Cameron

Six graphs show the state of the UK economy a year after Brexit referendum


The state of things a year after that shock vote.

Bill English on The Nation

English: It's never been established that Barclay made secret recording

Sat 24 Jun 17

PM drags out scandal with a new take on events.

Departing millennial MP Todd Barclay

The first snowflake melts

Fri 23 Jun

Todd Barclay’s downfall was a classic Shakespearean tragedy but expect sequels as more 20-something millennials enter Parliament this year.

Todd Barclay's "steep learning curve" is becoming unpalatable

How National can avoid another Barclay scandal

Thu 22 Jun 13

The steep learning curve is not just Mr Barclay's: perhaps the National Party needs a remedial swing on the bendy educational thing. 

"This has been a steep learning curve for me," says Todd Barclay (photo: Rob Hosking)

Todd Barclay affair starting to stink to high heaven

Wed 21 Jun 23

Barclay’s 'apology' was really part 'poor little me' and part 'screw you'.


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