capital gains tax

Greens leader James Shaw has made it clear capital gains tax, if not a bottom line, its certainly a bottom squiggle (photo: Rob Hosking)

Capital Gain to gain the capital: the Greens make play on tax

Mon 18 Sep 21

Greens want to see a capital gains tax in the first term of any Labour-Green government.

Playing musical chairs is excellent preparation for participation in the Auckland housing market

Capital gains tax won’t affect the housing numbers game

Fri 15 Sep 22

Hunter's Corner: But there are some measures that would make a difference.

Labour leader Jacinda Ardern – could govern with the Greens

Latest poll twist has Labour back in front

Thu 14 Sep 8

Two polls, two very different messages.

Labour finance spokesman Grant Robertson's fiscal plan assumes nothing much changes in the real economy

Labour's tax woes point to larger, more critical flaw

Thu 14 Sep 24

Things always change in the real economy.

Jacinda Ardern: Appeared shifty and at sea on tax (photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

Tax backdown lays bare a lack of joined-up thinking

Thu 14 Sep 7

Order Paper: You can't just join up some slogans and call it a coherent policy. But that's what Labour is doing over tax.

Labour leader Jacinda Ardern was forced to backtrack on comments over a potential land tax (photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

More confusion over Labour’s tax plans

Thu 7 Sep 149

Jacinda Ardern has backtracked on comments she made on land tax.


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