Oleg Deripaska owns the world's second-largest aluminium producer.

Global troublemaker Russia creates turmoil on commodity markets

Wed 18 Apr 11

The latest round of sanctions has affected a wide range of commodities from aluminium to oil.

University of Queensland associate professor Tess Newton Cain cautions not to disregard Vanuatu's agency.

Australasian 'benign neglect' at fault for China military scare in Vanuatu

Thu 12 Apr 8

China's forays into the South Pacific are spooking Wellington and Canberra.

MBIE's Peter Crabtree signed off on both investigations this week.

NZ Steel lodges third complaint on steel imports

Wed 11 Apr 2

Will third time prove lucky for local steel-maker?

Trade Minister David Parker says “We’re not trade hypocrites."

US-China trade wars make CPTPP more important, Parker says

Tue 3 Apr 2

The trade minister addresses whether New Zealand will have to take sides between the US and China. Watch Grant Walker's interview with David Parker.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has reshuffled the ministries in Beijing.

Trump plays China hand

Holiday Review

Opinion: The US president doesn't operate by the normal rules of trade diplomacy.

US President Donald Trump's declaration of a trade war against China risks not just hurting the America but the global economy as well.

China and US face off like playground bullies

Thu 29 Mar

Opinion: New Zealand will not be immune as President Trump’s trade bluster takes effect.


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