European Council president Donald Tusk with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Tokyo trade talks.

China tops global risk list


Analysis: Economists fear the economy could decline more abruptly as financial conditions tighten and trade tensions with the US escalate.

Acting Prime Minister Winston Peters has been careful in his response.

Minnow New Zealand dives for cover as big fish fight

Thu 19 Jul 4

Analysis: International politics are uncertain as US spurns friends. marketing manager David Spasovic says the rate of Chinese travellers coming to New Zealand could be about to overtake Australians.

Chinese tourists rank NZ third equal in their top destinations

Wed 18 Jul 7

Chinese are spending 40% more on travel, according to a new survey. Plus: They're forecast to become the biggest spenders in NZ's tourism market by 2023.

Asian Trade Centre director Deborah Elms says Mr Trump thinks he is in a trade war so any 'collateral damage is fine'

Trump believes 'any collateral damage is fine' in new trade war, experts say

Wed 11 Jul 5

New Zealand is bound to feel some effects from the squabbling Pacific powers.

US, Chinese markets unruffled as Trump's trade war kicks off

Sat 7 Jul 7

So far, so unflusterd.

Reserve Bank governor Adrian Orr wants to avoid creating unintended competitive advantages.

'Big four' banks challenged on their capital competitive advantage

Fri 6 Jul 8

The major banks will have to use standardised risk models as well as their own.


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