chris kelly

Hunter's Corner: Some grounds for legal action on Intueri

Fri 9 Jun 2

Opinion: The 2014 IPO prospectus should be a prime suspect in the loss of millions.  

Intueri in voluntary administration

Thu 1 Jun 12

Sale of operating businesses not expected to cover debts.

NZ POLITICS DAILY: Freedom of speech v PC culture

Thu 13 Apr 16

Is a rising culture of political correctness threatening free speech in New Zealand?

SFO drops probe into Intueri's defunct Quantum unit

Wed 12 Apr 3

"Intueri is very pleased that the SFO enquiry has been closed," chair Chris Kelly said.

Arowana rep Nico Marx to leave Intueri board

Mon 10 Apr 3

Intueri said it's looking for an appropriate replacement.

Intueri hires Grant Thornton to liquidate Australian assets after failing to find buyer

Thu 6 Apr 7

The company had hoped to be allowed to run the Australian institutions until the end of the year.


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