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Super Fund says climate change strategy won’t limit options

Thu 20 Oct 12

The New Zealand Superannuation Fund says its new climate change strategy is about minimising risk.

New Zealand Superannuation Fund chief executive Adrian Orr

NZ Super Fund seeks to put a market price on climate change with new risk rules

Wed 19 Oct 7

NZ Super says most of its carbon exposure is in its global equity portfolio.

The cure for rampant business is ... more morals?

Thu 6 Oct 3

Contemplate the difference between what should be done and why it appears something should be done.

Climate Change Minister Paula Bennett (Photo: Tinaz Karbhari)

Editor’s Insight: ETS review submissions reveal companies in jeopardy

Mon 25 Jul 4

Some say they are worse off than when subsidies were first imposed. With special feature audio.

Dr Jan Wright

Heads in the sand as the sea rises


Banks and insurers are keen on addressing climate change, so why isn’t our government? asks the Morgan Foundation's Geoff Simmons. With special feature audio.


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