climate change

Hidesight: Advance means retreat for glacier scientists

Fri 24 Feb 1

Global warming is to blame even when glaciers are not disappearing.

Trump's Beltway: More Russia ties claimed as roading bill delayed

Thu 16 Feb

Extra contact with Russia alleged as Trump agrees to lessen US interaction with Israel peace talks.

Trump's Beltway: Stalls, promises and scrapped orders

Wed 8 Feb

Trump's agency head picks slowdown as he reinforces stance on NATO spending. 

Donald Trump

Heartland: Extreme weather rises to top of global risks

Fri 27 Jan

Erosion of capability and funding of R&D and future value is tantamount to eating seed potatoes.

Donald Trump

Please, Donald Trump, don't send climate science back to the pre-satellite era


Bob Walker, an adviser to US President-elect Donald Trump, has set alarm bells ringing by recommending that NASA’s climate monitoring programs be axed.

 AXA Investment Managers global head of responsible investing Matt Christensen

Mandatory investor carbon reporting could spread to NZ

Thu 17 Nov 5

Asset owners, including the New Zealand Superannuation Fund, that already disclose their carbon footprint.


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