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Seabees clear a road on the US Virgin Islands after Hurricane Irma

Hurricanes blow away climate change backers

Tue 19 Sep 7

Editor's Insight: Man-made carbon emissions have no detectable impact on Atlantic hurricane or global tropical cyclone activity.

Generation Zero co-founder Paul Young thinks "we don't do enough to celebrate" Auckland's infrastucture"

Why wider footpaths can prevent illness


Auckland boasts one of the highest vehicle ownership rates in the world – but planners have foundg ways to make its transport infrastructure more sustainable.

Local Government NZ president Dave Cull said "There is no more time for inaction"

Climate change is top priority for new government, LGNZ says

Tue 12 Sep 7

Calling for action on climate change has been a consistent refrain from local authorities.

OMF director of financial markets Nigel Brunel said "It's more meat on the bone"

Labour reveals plan to bring agriculture into emissions trading scheme

Fri 8 Sep 30

But there would be a delay in emissions that attract a carbon price.

Yoogo general manager Kirsten Corson said the sharing model makes "pure electric vehicles accessible and affordable"

Limited chances for lower freight emissions from coastal shipping and rail

Fri 8 Sep

 The Ministry of Transport agrees electric vehicles are by the far greatest emissions abatement opportunity.

Neil Walbran

Opinion: Don’t legislate Paris climate change commitments

Fri 18 Aug

The COP21 climate change agreement is unlikely to be the final stage and political support is uncertain for costs that have no obvious benefit.


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