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CTU secretary Sam Huggard says there has been a little bit of fearmongering from the oil industry with its talk of thousands of workers losing their jobs.

Country needs proper plan for transition from oil industry

Wed 18 Apr 31

CTU confident about transition but says oil workers rightly anxious about their futures. Watch Grant Walker's interview with Sam Huggard.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says "We are committed to becoming a net zero emission economy by 2050."

Rookie rhetoric fails on climate roadmap

Wed 18 Apr 34

Opinion: A competent prime minister announcing a plan would actually have a plan.

Climate Change Minister James Shaw says the government had to send a signal to industry.

Shaw rejects criticism of government's ban of offshore oil and gas exploration

Tue 17 Apr 5

Interim committee will advise government on climate policy. Watch NBR Political Editor Brent Edwards interview with Climate Minister James Shaw.

Trade Minister David Parker says “I believe our government can find a new trade policy balance." (photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

PM lobbies Europe over trade deal

Mon 16 Apr 2

Public to have say on government priorities in trade talks.

Climate Change Minister James Shaw says “If we work out how to get to net zero agriculture before anybody else that is going to become a huge source of value."

More encouragement for investment in climate-friendly initiatives

Fri 13 Apr 3

James Shaw says spending on climate change is an investment, not a cost. Watch his interview with Grant Walker.

Climate Change Minister James Shaw defends the government's ending of new offshore oil exploration permits.

Climate minister dismisses industry complaints about oil ban

Thu 12 Apr 13

James Shaw advises oil industry to look at investments in renewable energy. Watch Grant Walker's interview with the climate change minister.


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