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Science Media Centre's Peter Griffin advises scientists on how to avoid their results being hyperbolised, if they want to

Badly behaving scientists undermine credibility

Mon 20 Nov

Heartland: The science funding and academic promotion system is putting researchers under such pressure they feel they have to take shortcuts.

NZ Superannuation Fund chief executive Adrian Orr says having an unnecessary exposure to carbon is undue risk (photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

Reducing carbon exposure is a one-sided bet for the Super Fund

Mon 20 Nov 3

Unnecessary exposure to carbon is an undue risk.

Fonterra group environment manager Francesca Eggleton said "If we reduce production here, we could shift it offshore to less efficient producers and global emissions could go up"

Edging closer to agriculture's inclusion in emissions scheme

Mon 13 Nov 6

Rural NZ holds its breath as more details of the ETS changes trickle in.

Justice Jillian Mallon said “The government of the day was concerned about imposing burdensome costs on the economy"

Should courts intervene in government climate change decisions?

Fri 10 Nov 2

Capital Letter: A judicial review, interrupted.

Simon Arnold is chief executive of the National Energy Research Institute

The future of energy, Part II: Environmental risks

Tue 7 Nov 5

The concluding part of this series on energy focuses on the risks associated with greenhouse gases.

Newly-minted Education Minister Chris Hipkins is passionate, but will it result in effective action?

Magical thinking doesn't lift wages


Higher educational standards and productivity gains are the only answer to raising incomes.


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