Verifone NZ general manager Pete Hansen doesn't want the Paymark-Ingenico acquisition to go ahead.

Concerns merged Paymark-Ingenico entity will shut out competitors

Mon 18 Jun 2

Verifone NZ raising concerns as ComCom mulls merger. 

Fibre X promoted at a Vodafone store in the Wellington CBD last October. (Photo: Chris Keall)

Commerce Commission lays charges over Vodafone's Fibre X ad campaign

Fri 13 Apr 7

Vodafone responds. Commentator, Enable,Tuanz raise questions.

NZME and Fairfax’s appeal: Will they win? Part III

Tue 13 Feb

The final part of a three-part Q&A series examining the merger that refuses to die.

Facebook and Google are news collators, not producers.

NZME and Fairfax’s appeal: will they win? Part II


Part two of a three-part Q&A series examining the merger that refuses to die asks: isn't online competition enough?

Anderson Creagh Lai lawyer Andy Glenie says "It’s very common for lawyers in this kind of case to run a whole bunch of fallback arguments."

'StuffMe' merger appeal just delaying the inevitable

Mon 5 Feb 5

Although there may be some strategic benefit in drawing out the process, competition expert hasn't "seen anything new from applicants to persuade" him. 

Michael Boggs and Sinead Boucher, the chief executives of, respectively, NZME and Stuff (née Fairfax NZ).

'StuffMe' merger proposal rises from the grave

Mon 5 Feb 8

Despite the High Court’s view to the contrary, applicants continue to insist ComCom is wrong "in fact and law" to stymie their urge to merge.


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