David Bain

Leaked David Bain report will lead to 'witch hunt' – lawyer

Thu 18 Feb 14

The former president of the Criminal Bar Association is “surprised”. With special audio feature.

David Bain

Govt ministers get insight into David Bain's comp bid

Wed 23 Jan 9

Justice minister explains the compensation process at today's cabinet meeting.

Diligent reveals regulation breaches, cancels stock options

Fri 18 Jan 5

UPDATED: The FMA confirms it is working with the company to establish if a breach of securities law has occurred over share options being issued to employees without a prospectus.

Binnie report vulnerable to judicial review

Fri 14 Dec 5

David Bain laments his lost career as a NZ opera singer.

David Bain: Compensation bid has been crushed (Photo: TV3 News)

Bain compo recommended but Binnie report 'flawed'

Thu 13 Dec

Justice Minister Judith Collins has released the David Bain compensation report. Queen's Counsel Robert Fisher tears shreds out of Candian ex-judge's recommendations.

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