Connal Townsend

Hays New Zealand managing director Jason Walker says “The good news is the industry is growing and the market is predicted to be sustainable into the foreseeable future"

Improving the construction industry


Issues confronting the country’s building and construction sector are also global problems that will be met with technology and innovation.

LOOKING UP: New research shows property contributes $29.8 billion to the economy

Property the country’s single biggest industry

Fri 12 May

Agriculture has been bumped by property as the country’s single biggest industry.

Property Council chief executive Connal Townsend

One law for urban planning and RMA – Productivity Commission

Wed 29 Mar

Just changing urban planning’s legislation alone will not fix a complex and often unclear system.

Property Council chief executive Connal Townsend

Proposed Auckland Council levy could kill property development

Fri 17 Feb

Auckland Council’s proposed targeted rate on large-scale developments to pay for infrastructure could stop projects stone cold dead.

Auckland mayoral aspirant Mark Thomas

Instead of complaining about government spending run Auckland Council better – Mark Thomas

Fri 27 May 6

Auckland mayor Len Brown’s approach to housing has made the situation worse, mayoral contender Mark Thomas says.

Property Council New Zealand chief executive Connal Townsend

Conflicts of interest not a problem for Property Council

Thu 7 Apr 2

Members are highly educated, principled and aware of approaching conflicts of interest.


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