James & Wells IP lawyer Sebastien Aymeric says the Nats have a good chance against suppliers

Encore: National’s chances against suppliers in Eminem copyright case

Thu 26 Oct

Heat moves on to the National Party's advisers. 

Eminem's representatives had alleged National ripped off the song 'Lose Yourself'

Nats rapped on knuckles in Eminem case

Wed 25 Oct 18

National Party ordered to pay $600,000 after copyright infringement found. 

Eminem's representatives allege National ripped off the song 'Lose Yourself'

Judge explains delay in Eminem v National Party dispute

Thu 5 Oct

Decision expected mid-October. 

News sites pile on the pain for Sky

Fri 21 Apr

Sky TV says it gets no income from advertising sold by news sites on the back of its rugby video coverage.

OPINION: When digital changes everything, copyright might have to change too

Wed 18 Jan 6

Creatives are figuring out clever ways to cope with piracy, while consumers are clamoring for better legal services to use.

Sealegs CEO David McKee Wright

Sealegs wins injunction against rival system

Tue 20 Dec

Former employees to defend copyright claim next September.


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