Copyright Licensing

Paula Browning

Local retailer signs on to sell largest collection of NZ ebooks

Wed 14 Dec

New Zealand retailer Wheelers will sell Great NZ ebooks, the largest collection of digital New Zealand books.

Copyright Licensing chief executive Paula Browning

Largest collection of NZ ebooks could be ready by Christmas

Mon 19 Sep

The largest collection of New Zealand e-books could be ready by Christmas in an initiative to get New Zealand titles in digital format.

NZ's favourite stories to be made available on digital media

Tue 6 Oct

More than 300 of New Zealand’s most famous books have been submitted to be digitised and made available for ebook and smartphone customers, it was announced today.

Licensing has formed a venture to digitise the books. Copyright Licensing – a non profit copyright collective representing book publishers and authors – will be seeking rights from publishers and authors to digitise further works, which would be made available under licence to libraries, booksellers and the educational sector.

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