Court of Appeal

Auckland University law professor Bill Hodge says Mr Dotcom might not get to spend the 2019 Christmas here.

Dotcom could be gone by next year – law professor

Thu 5 Jul 2

The accused pirate lost his Court of Appeal case against extradition, but says he will appeal to the Supreme Court.

Kim Dotcom estimates he has spent $40 million in legal fees on the case.

Dotcom to take extradition case to Supreme Court

Thu 5 Jul 7

UPDATED: Kim Dotcom says the Court of Appeal ruling is "extremely disappointing".

Kim Dotcom has widened the scope of his argument in the spying case.

Dotcom GCSB suit nudges along with discovery ruling

Thu 28 Jun 4

The only thing to determine is what relief, if any, should be granted.

Justice Minister Andrew Little needn't bother with trying to scrap the “Three Strikes” law.

Appeal Court thwarts ‘Three Strikes’ intent

Wed 30 May 28

Opinion: “Three Strikes” was an attempt by our parliamentary democracy to make the punishment fit the crime.

Augustine Lau walks out of the Auckland High Court.

Tree-felling developer’s jail appeal fails

Wed 16 May 3

Augustine Lau has been involved in more than 20 court cases.

Sir Michael Friedlander's Samson Corporation was taken to the Court of Appeal.

Friedlanders defeat Richina appeal over construction bonds

Tue 8 May 3

Decision favours developers. 


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