Court of Appeal

Buddle Findlay special counsel Peter Niven says "It’s impossible to know but similar issues about the contract may have come before arbitration"

Pandeys head to Court of Appeal after contractor quit hotel site

Wed 4 Oct

Millions at stake as firms battle over standard form contracts.

David Henderson was first bankrupted in 1996 and discharged in 1999

Dave Henderson loses appeal against conditions imposed on bankruptcy discharge

Tue 19 Sep 10

Failed property developer "did not understand his responsibilities toward a commercial enterprise and was unlikely to act differently in the future."

Justice Paul Heath's decision was upheld by the Court of Appeal

Trends Publishing loses appeal over creditor compromise

Wed 13 Sep 1

A unanimous verdict from the Court of Appeal.

Supreme Court dismisses Affco's unlawful lockout appeal

Thu 7 Sep

It says workers "were like employees."

Kim Dotcom's extradition appeal is scheduled for February (Chris Keall)

February court date for Dotcom extradition appeal

Wed 6 Sep 2

New High Court decision sets out some appeal grounds.

Eric Houghton's case has made it to the Supreme Court

Feltex shareholder says Appeal Court wrong to rule sales forecasts not 'material'

Tue 5 Sep 8

The Court of Appeal left the door open for today's challenge in the Supreme Court.


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