Bill English says 'boot camps' will be tied to social investment programme (photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

'Boot camps' not quite what they seem

Tue 15 Aug 15

To all those criminologists and human rights types who got indignant: Well done. I'm sure Steven Joyce appreciates your contribution to the cause.

Dame Susan Devoy claims "more than 100,000 children and vulnerable adults were put into care over 40 years"

Five myths about child abuse in state care


Claims overstate the numbers involved and those to blame as well as the role of the National-led government.

Victoria University School of Accounting and Commercial Law associate professor Lisa Marriott

Tax evaders get much more lenient treatment than welfare fraudsters

Wed 23 Mar 22

Research shows New Zealand treats welfare fraudsters much more harshly than it does tax evaders. With special feature audio.

Revenue Minister Todd McClay

Global tax rules take step closer - but fears remain

Tue 6 Oct 2

The OECD released a 15-point set of proposals aimed at cracking down on tax minimisation by multinational firms.


Rob Hosking talks about the OECD tax plan on NBR Radio and on demand on MyNBR Radio.

Earthquakes great for Canterbury's crime rate

Thu 19 Feb 3

Crime rates plummeted after Canterbury's earthquake in spite of or because of heavy police and army occupation.


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