New border intelligence tool uses big data

Fri 16 Dec

The tool is part of the Joint Border Management System programme (JBMS) initiative introduced in June.

Z Energy chief executive Mike Bennetts

Z Energy to get $9.5m repayment from Customs over co-mingled fuels dispute

Wed 30 Mar

Last September Z said it made a $23 million payment to Customs.

Customs Minister Nicky Wagner tests the upgraded SmartGate at Customhouse, Wellington

SmartGates boost NZ’s airport efficiency in world rankings

Mon 31 Aug 6

Two surveys put New Zealand sixth in the world for airport efficiency.

Missing million miniscule in annual $792 million cash exports

Fri 7 Aug

Customs data released to NBR ONLINE shows the bag of $1 million which went missing last month is part of $792 million exported in the last year.

Tech Liberty co-founder and NZ Council for Civil Liberties chairman Thomas Beagle: Criminals will use cloud services like Dropbox rather than carry files through customs on a laptop

Greens scream, Tech Liberty raises practical concerns as Customs asks for right to demand passwords

Thu 5 Mar 8

Customs wants the right to demand people disclose passwords for laptops, smartpones and other gadgets as they enter NZ, even if it has no warrant  — and the threat of up to three months' jail if they refuse.


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