THOMAS BEAGLE: Tech Liberty founder says Customs wants to be part of 'the security apparatus'

Revised Customs bill still allows ‘digital strip searches’ – privacy advocate

Fri 21 Jul

The Customs and Excise Bill more narrowly defines Customs’ powers, saying the agency can only demand a password and search for a smart device if it has reasonable grounds.

Tech Liberty founder and Council for Civil Liberties chairman Thomas Beagle

Revised Customs bill still allows for ‘digital strip searches’ – privacy advocate

Mon 17 Jul

PLUS: ACT claims credit for tighter privacy provisions but Privacy Commissioner points to his office’s efforts. 

NZ petrol companies wary of customs law overhaul

Thu 16 Mar 1

Customs NZ has been at loggerheads with fuel companies after a Supreme Court ruling in its favour over whether locally blended butane/motor spirit was another form of manufacturing on top of oil refining, attracting additional duty.

New border intelligence tool uses big data

Fri 16 Dec

The tool is part of the Joint Border Management System programme (JBMS) initiative introduced in June.

Z Energy chief executive Mike Bennetts

Z Energy to get $9.5m repayment from Customs over co-mingled fuels dispute

Wed 30 Mar

Last September Z said it made a $23 million payment to Customs.

Customs Minister Nicky Wagner tests the upgraded SmartGate at Customhouse, Wellington

SmartGates boost NZ’s airport efficiency in world rankings

Mon 31 Aug 6

Two surveys put New Zealand sixth in the world for airport efficiency.


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