Trade Me head of policy and compliance James Ryan says the past 12 months have been busy.

Police data requests from Trade Me dip – but raise privacy questions

Thu 12 Jul

Police still see Trade Me as a useful place to dig for criminals.

Cigna chief information officer Carmen Casagranda says companies should increase transparency in their data processes.

Kiwis share data if it benefits them, but no further – Cigna survey

Mon 9 Jul

"Don't touch my data ... unless it helps me," say most Kiwis. Watch Nathan Smith interview Carmen Casagranda. 

Finance author Chris Skinner says who owns the data will own the money.

The battles for the future of fintech

Sat 30 Jun 1

As software eats the world, most bank leaders lack any professional experience of technology. Watch Nathan Smith interview Chris Skinner.

MYOB futurist-in-residence Keran McKenzie says blockchain gives people access to their data in unprecedented ways.

The strange and radical world of blockchain

Wed 20 Jun 1

The blockchain will only be useful when someone finds a job for it. Watch Nathan Smith's interview with Keran McKenzie.

Aura InfoSec general manager says GDPR is a good reason for all companies to re-assess their own data rules.

Why front-footing new data regulations is the smart move


Similar privacy and data laws to the EU's and Australia's are coming to NZ.

Aera Technology chief executive Frederic Laluyaux has the tools to build a self-driving company.

The self-driving company is coming

Fri 11 May 1

You’ve heard of self-driving cars, what about self-driving companies?


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