David Bain

David Bain: Compensation bid has been crushed (Photo: TV3 News)

Bain compo recommended but Binnie report 'flawed'

Thu 13 Dec

Justice Minister Judith Collins has released the David Bain compensation report. Queen's Counsel Robert Fisher tears shreds out of Candian ex-judge's recommendations.

Judith Collins ducks for cover in Bain compo stoush

Wed 12 Dec 11

The justice minister is refusing to be drawn into a tit-for-tat war of words with Justice Ian Binnie.

David Bain: Has not seen the report

Binnie blitzes Collins over Bain report

Wed 12 Dec 43

The gloves are off in the David Bain compensation case and the main protagonists are now in full attack mode. RAW DATA: Full text of Binnie's statement.

Justice Minister Judith Collins


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