David Farrar

Helen Clark (TV3)

Helen Clark melts Key's and Farrar’s hearts, but too independent for UN Secretary General

Tue 6 Sep 5

PLUS READER POLL RESULT – is it time to throw in the towel? With special feature audio.

Helen Clark

Helen Clark should pull out

Sun 4 Sep 10

A good run, but time to let it go for the sake of NZ's presidency of the Security Council. With special feature audio.

Winston Peters (TVNZ)

Why do media keep reporting claims obviously false?


Wouldn’t it be nice if media asked for proof of his claims?

Sexologist Liz Walker

Media or advertorial?

Fri 12 Aug

Possibly because Wellingtonians aren't as stupid?

David Farrar

0.96% of house transfers are to China tax residents

Tue 2 Aug 19

OPINION: LINZ have released their latest quarterly data on house transfers.


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