Deloitte New Zealand tax partner Greg Haddon

Trustpower tax ruling: Government needs to act to clarify law for other firms

Thu 28 Jul

The government may have to fix up a gap in tax law to make it clearer what firms embarking on large feasibility studies can and cannot claim as deductible expenses. With special feature audio.

Revenue Minister Michael Woodhouse (Photo: Rob Hosking)

NZ should be net beneficiary of global clampdown on tax avoidance, Woodhouse says

Wed 15 Jun 6

"My sense is that, when the noose is tightened around these countries, we will probably be net beneficiaries of the tax base," Revenue Minister Michael Woodhouse said. With special feature audio.

Revenue Minister Michael Woodhouse

'These guys don't have too many places to hide' – Woodhouse on trust tax review

Wed 15 Jun

Revenue Minister says Shewan foreign trust review likely to be delivered ahead of schedule. With special feature audio.

APN News & Media chief executive Ciaran Davis

APN, NZME likely to be more attractive takeover targets after demerger – Deloitte

Thu 12 May

Advantages of a demerger would outweigh the disadvantages.

AARON QUINTAL: Says the IRD seemed to be running one argument in the court and a completely different argument in its interpretation statement

Togs, togs, undies … the tax debate takes on a new twist

Fri 25 Mar

It is a bit like that advertisement involving the well-sculpted bloke in briefs, walking away from the beach.
The voiceover goes “togs, togs, togs ...” and, as he gets further away from the foreshore, it suddenly yells, with alarm, “undies!”


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