Don Brash

Private Bin: Paintergate Trumped

Fri 24 Feb

Heading off to the Mt Albert by-election this Saturday, Labour candidate Jacinda Ardern put up, at a fundraising auction, an artwork involving the electorate's most famous former MP, Helen Clark, mounted on a representation of the kiwi with a laser eye that somebody submitted as a flag design for last year's referendum, facing down US president Donald Trump, mounted on a dinosaur.

Don Brash

Don Brash and the Winston conundrum

Thu 16 Feb 4

Don Brash's endorsement of Winston Peters is a really large, flea-ridden rodent for Labour and Green party members to swallow.

Don Brash (photo:

Brash bashes Key, promotes Collins for PM

Tue 6 Dec 17

According to Don Brash, John Key "has actually led the country into a situation where, in some respects, we are going to seed."

Key on Hobson's Pledge group: 'NZ is in a different place now'

Thu 27 Oct 18

“By definition, if you take what Don Brash is saying, it leads you more down the sort of rhetoric you've seen in the Trump/Clinton US election" – Key  

Geoff Wane

OPINION: Facts please, not emotion

Wed 26 Oct 24

'If they're so concerned about inequality, why can't I recall any Hobson's Pledge campaigners speaking out about the inequalities Maori still face in many areas today?'

Don Brash

OPINION: Hobson's Pledge – play the ball, not the man


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