AWF Madison chief executive Simon Bennett

Employers back PM's comments on drugs stopping young people from getting jobs

Tue 28 Feb 17

AWF and the EMA say the problem is “reasonably significant.”

Prime Minister Bill English (RNZ)

Drugs, skills, and immigration: National's difficult balancing act

Tue 28 Feb 14

This is the current difficulty for Mr English: economically,  the pressures are for more immigration;  politically the pressures are for less immigration.

Bill English

Bill English: Drug abuse preventing young Kiwis from working

Mon 27 Feb 67

The prime minister says business owners are telling him it’s difficult to hire young Kiwis because many can’t pass a drug test.

Associate Minister of Health Peter Dunne

How Big Business might help legalise drugs


OPINION: People try exotic substances because they are stupid. And I mean that literally. With special feature audio.

Future Shock: Sky On Demand

Was Scott Bartley on drugs when he gave Sky TV’s On Demand upgrade a good review?

Thu 21 Jan 41

As a social media storm breaks out over Sky TV’s $120 million decoder upgrade, NBR's reviewer is prodded for second thoughts.

Frank Gelder

Drug company's founder in 'research antibody' dispute

Wed 26 Aug

Innate Immunotherapeutics was founded in NZ in 2000 with backing from venture capitalist Robin Johannick.


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