Hugh Howey

The million dollar e-book man


Hugh Howey is the poster boy for self-publishing success on Amazon. Now he's signed a print deal with a twist. He talks to NBR Online.

Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire singes iPad sales

Tue 6 Dec 10

Amazon’s tablet is the first to inflict serious damage on Apple’s monolithic market share.

Copyright Licensing chief executive Paula Browning

Largest collection of NZ ebooks could be ready by Christmas

Mon 19 Sep

The largest collection of New Zealand e-books could be ready by Christmas in an initiative to get New Zealand titles in digital format.

Whitcoulls launches NZ's first e-book reader, download service

Thu 27 May 36

Um, wrong way, guys.

RedGroup Retail, the Australian owner of Whitcoulls and the local iteration of Borders, has today launched New Zealand's first e-book tablet and its major e-book download store.

iPad good news for NZ e-book publishers

Thu 28 Jan

The iPad device will give New Zealand literature greater opportunities to be recognised on the world stage, e-book publisher Kiwa Media says.

Kiwa Media vice president of business development Roger Shakes said the device would promote greater copyright protection for writers and publishers and “a level of control in a way the music industry never had.”


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