Argosy lifts distributable earnings as portfolio quality improves

Thu 25 May 1

Argosy reiterated that its net property income got a boost from the surrender of the lease by New Zealand Post for the top three floors of the building in Wellington.

Kaikoura quake to shave 0.1% from NZ's GDP over two years, report shows

Fri 28 Apr 1

A Market Economics report estimates the quake will hit gross domestic product by $465 million over two years

Majestic Centre, Wellington

Wellington commercial market defended

Fri 28 Apr

At last week’s fractious NPT special meeting Augusta Capital’s managing director Mark Francis was disparaging of Wellington’s property market, saying astute investors were fleeing, including rival Kiwi Property.

Transport Minister Simon Bridges

Government sets up alliance to repair road, rail infrastructure near Kaikoura

Wed 21 Dec 13

"Other parts of the network have been significantly damaged and there's a massive repair job ahead."

Acting civil defence minister Gerry Brownlee

Government passes Kaikoura quake baton to private insurers

Tue 13 Dec 3

All private insurers will receive, assess and settle home and contents claims which have arisen from the November 14 quake.  

Private Bin

Fri 18 Nov

Aucklanders were never going to agree on a slogan for the city of course: Aucklanders seldom agree on anything much and the only wonder is the process didn’t involve a unitary plan, lawsuits, and interminable council meetings.


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