Finance Minister Grant Robertson emphasises the government's social goals.

Labour cannot ignore drop in confidence

Fri 16 Mar 6

Opinion: CEOs are still getting to grips with government policies.

GDP inventor Simon Kuznets warned the wellbeing of a nation can scarcely be inferred from a measurement of its national income.

Time to ditch GDP for country's benefit


Opinion: Gross domestic product has become increasingly obsolete as an indicator of national economic performance.

Finance Minister Grant Robertson says "I'm confident interest rates will remain relatively stable in the near term."

Robertson confident in NZ economy despite high private sector debt

Wed 14 Feb 5

The finance minister said recent falls on the US stock market had been anticipated for some time.

ANZ Group chief economist Richard Yetsenga says the ingredients in the cupboard are kind of the same.

Wrong questions leave GFC issues unfixed 10 years on

Tue 13 Feb 2

A repeat of the financial breakdown a decade ago could be avoided if policymakers start asking the right questions.

Finance Minister Grant Robertson says government debt set to fall below 20% of GDP.

Government’s surplus continues to track ahead of forecast

Tue 13 Feb 1

Net government debt keeps tracking downward.

Finance Minister Grant Robertson says not too much focus should be given to surveys measuring business confidence. (Photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

Finance minister's pollyanna view on business confidence

Fri 9 Feb 7

Grant Robertson says Budget 2018 on track.


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